TechFest 2024 and the DLUG exhibit were both fairly successful. Attendance at the show was lighter then expected due to the weather, but there were 2500+ attendees (including over 1100 kids). We had a decent amount of traffic at our booth (considering our out-of-the-way location), and gave out 150 flyers.

Please join me in thanking our booth volunteers: Gary Turner, Ben Kendrick, Catherine Devlin, Steve Edwards, Rick Wills, Pat Flynn, and Ken Phelps. (Apologies if I forgot anyone!) These intrepid folks showing up and working the crowd are what makes this annual community outreach so successful for DLUG!

Next up is our Installfest on March 16th. This obviously a much more laid-back event, and we’ll have a lot of fun helping people get into Linux or solve their issues. Some of us will even bring our own toys to play with as well, such as our new Raspberry Pi 5s! But it’s important to have as many experienced Linux users there as possible, so please consider coming out for at least part of the day. (Did I mention we’ll have pizza?) More info here: