Thursday, February 15, 2024 @ 7:00pm


Wright State University
Russ Engineering Center, Room 302

We will also have an online presence via the Zoom web conferencing service.
Meeting ID: 876 0225 4357

If joining a meeting from a Windows PC, the Zoom client will automagically download and attempt to install. For those using Linux, you can download the free (not Free) Zoom client from this page. It’s available for a variety of distributions.

For those attending in person, we will most likely adjourn to Milano’s afterward for food and socializing.


Ben Kendrick will demonstrate his inventory program that his family uses to manage food storage in their basement.

“I built it on open source software. We use it to keep track of what is in our storage room so that when we run out of things there is a handy report to use when going to the grocery store or ordering on line.

“We use bar code scanners to scan the UPC of items that go into basement when we do shopping trips and then a permanent station in the basement running Linux with a bar code scanner to scan things out of inventory. The center of the system is a database that runs on MariaDB (a MySQL fork). The processes are primarily written in PHP and run on a Linux virtual machine accessible only within the house. The reporting is done either in PHP, Jasper Reports, or Libreoffice Base. The system features multiple locations, audio response to input, inventory checking and correction, and bulk inventory expansion.

“The fact that the technologies used are open source allowed me to set up and deploy all of this with no cost beyond the hardware. The light footprint of Linux also allows for the permanent stations to be very old surplus netbooks.”

As always, any news, discussions, and questions about Linux / Open Source topics are welcome.