Thursday, September 21, 2023 @ 7:00pm


Wright State University
Russ Engineering Center, Room 348

We will also have an online presence via the Zoom web conferencing service.
Meeting ID: 876 0225 4357

If joining a meeting from a Windows PC, the Zoom client will automagically download and attempt to install. For those using Linux, you can download the free (not Free) Zoom client from this page. It’s available for a variety of distributions.

For those attending in person, we will most likely adjourn to Milano’s afterward for food and socializing.


JMB will be demonstrating remote backup using Ubuntu 22.04 running in a Raspberry Pi 4 which boots from a USB-connected SSD.

Some salient features:

  • End to end encryption using ‘sshfs’
  • The remote file system that files are backed up to is LUKS encrypted.
  • The LUKS key is only stored in the source PC (Ubuntu 22.04).
  • Non standard (not 22) port is used for the Secure-Shell connection.
  • Use ‘rsync’ for efficiency (not deja-dup), so no incremental images.
  • Low cost hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
  • Reliable storage: SSD (Samsung)
  • Only a connection from the source PC’s IP address is allowed.

Source & credit: https://alexivkinx.medium.com/end-to-end-encrypted-backups-with-rsync-eb7b7b4db385

As always, any news, discussions, and questions about Linux / Open Source topics are welcome.