Thursday, July 15, 2021 @ 7:00pm


This meeting will be held online via the Zoom web conferencing service.
Meeting ID: 876 0225 4357

If joining a meeting from a Windows PC, the Zoom client will automagically download and attempt to install. For those using Linux, you can download the free (not Free) Zoom client from this page. It’s available for a variety of distributions.


In today’s fast-moving, ever-changing world of data analytics, there are many awesome tools to choose from. The tool you choose depends deeply on the type of data you are working with and the type of analytic output that is needed. One of these tools is Elasticsearch and its analytic interface Kibana. This presentation by Bryan Vest will go over the basics of Elasticsearch – where it started, what it is built around, and what it can do for your data. This presentation is based on six years of experience managing an Elasticsearch platform and three years working for the developer, Elastic. If you are thinking about using Elasticsearch for your analytics platform, or happen to be already using it, or are interested in big data trends, this presentation should be an interesting journey into what Elasticsearch is and where it came from.

As always, any news, discussions, and questions about Linux / Open Source topics are welcome.

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